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Justin D Radolf MD

InstitutionUConn Health Center
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263 Farmington Avenue
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    InstitutionUConn Health Center
    DepartmentGenetics and Developmental Biology

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    1. Kenedy MR, Scott EJ, Shrestha B, Anand A, Iqbal H, Radolf JD, Dyer DW, Akins DR. Consensus computational network analysis for identifying candidate outer membrane proteins from Borrelia spirochetes. BMC Microbiol. 2016; 16(1):141. PMID: 27400788.
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    3. Seña AC, Zhang XH, Li T, Zheng HP, Yang B, Yang LG, Salazar JC, Cohen MS, Moody MA, Radolf JD, Tucker JD. A systematic review of syphilis serological treatment outcomes in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected persons: rethinking the significance of serological non-responsiveness and the serofast state after therapy. BMC Infect Dis. 2015; 15:479. PMID: 26511465; PMCID: PMC4625448.
    4. Bauer WJ, Luthra A, Zhu G, Radolf JD, Malkowski MG, Caimano MJ. Structural characterization and modeling of the Borrelia burgdorferi hybrid histidine kinase Hk1 periplasmic sensor: A system for sensing small molecules associated with tick feeding. J Struct Biol. 2015 Oct; 192(1):48-58. PMID: 26321039; PMCID: PMC4605270 [Available on 10/01/16].
    5. Caimano MJ, Dunham-Ems S, Allard AM, Cassera MB, Kenedy M, Radolf JD. Cyclic di-GMP modulates gene expression in Lyme disease spirochetes at the tick-mammal interface to promote spirochete survival during the blood meal and tick-to-mammal transmission. Infect Immun. 2015 Aug; 83(8):3043-60. PMID: 25987708; PMCID: PMC4496621 [Available on 02/01/16].
    6. Luthra A, Anand A, Hawley KL, LeDoyt M, La Vake CJ, Caimano MJ, Cruz AR, Salazar JC, Radolf JD. A Homology Model Reveals Novel Structural Features and an Immunodominant Surface Loop/Opsonic Target in the Treponema pallidum BamA Ortholog TP_0326. J Bacteriol. 2015 Jun; 197(11):1906-20. PMID: 25825429; PMCID: PMC4420902 [Available on 12/01/15].
    7. Anand A, LeDoyt M, Karanian C, Luthra A, Koszelak-Rosenblum M, Malkowski MG, Puthenveetil R, Vinogradova O, Radolf JD. Bipartite Topology of Treponema pallidum Repeat Proteins C/D and I: OUTER MEMBRANE INSERTION, TRIMERIZATION, AND PORIN FUNCTION REQUIRE A C-TERMINAL ß-BARREL DOMAIN. J Biol Chem. 2015 May 8; 290(19):12313-31. PMID: 25805501; PMCID: PMC4424362 [Available on 05/08/16].
    8. Luthra A, Anand A, Radolf JD. Treponema pallidum in Gel Microdroplets: A Method for Topological Analysis of BamA (TP0326) and Localization of Rare Outer Membrane Proteins. Methods Mol Biol. 2015; 1329:67-75. PMID: 26427677.
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    9. Iyer R, Caimano MJ, Luthra A, Axline D, Corona A, Iacobas DA, Radolf JD, Schwartz I. Stage-specific global alterations in the transcriptomes of Lyme disease spirochetes during tick feeding and following mammalian host adaptation. Mol Microbiol. 2015 Feb; 95(3):509-38. PMID: 25425211; PMCID: PMC4429771 [Available on 02/01/16].
    10. Bockenstedt LK, Radolf JD. Xenodiagnosis for posttreatment Lyme disease syndrome: resolving the conundrum or adding to it? Clin Infect Dis. 2014 Apr; 58(7):946-8. PMID: 24523213; PMCID: PMC3952604.
    11. Brandt KS, Patton TG, Allard AS, Caimano MJ, Radolf JD, Gilmore RD. Evaluation of the Borrelia burgdorferi BBA64 protein as a protective immunogen in mice. Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2014 Apr; 21(4):526-33. PMID: 24501342; PMCID: PMC3993113.
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    16. Anand A, Luthra A, Edmond ME, Ledoyt M, Caimano MJ, Radolf JD. The major outer sheath protein (Msp) of Treponema denticola has a bipartite domain architecture and exists as periplasmic and outer membrane-spanning conformers. J Bacteriol. 2013 May; 195(9):2060-71. PMID: 23457251; PMCID: PMC3624580.
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