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Grace Chan PhD
Title Assistant Professor
Institution UConn Health Center
Department Psychiatry
Address MC 2103
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030
Telephone 860-679-4489
Fax 860-679-1316
1. Kuperman S, Chan G, Kramer JR, Wetherill L, Bucholz KK, Dick D, Hesselbrock V, Porjesz B, Rangaswamy M, Schuckit M. A model to determine the likely age of an adolescent's first drink of alcohol. Pediatrics. 2013 Feb; 131(2):242-8.
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2. Sun J, Bi J, Chan G, Oslin D, Farrer L, Gelernter J, Kranzler HR. Improved methods to identify stable, highly heritable subtypes of opioid use and related behaviors. Addict Behav. 2012 Oct; 37(10):1138-44.
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3. Arias AJ, Chan G, Gelernter J, Farrer L, Kranzler HR. Variation in OPRM1 and risk of suicidal behavior in drug-dependent individuals. Am J Addict. 2012 Jan-Feb; 21(1):5-10.
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4. Douglas K, Chan G, Gelernter J, Arias AJ, Anton RF, Poling J, Farrer L, Kranzler HR. 5-HTTLPR as a potential moderator of the effects of adverse childhood experiences on risk of antisocial personality disorder. Psychiatr Genet. 2011 Oct; 21(5):240-8.
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5. Chan G, Gelernter J, Oslin D, Farrer L, Kranzler HR. Empirically derived subtypes of opioid use and related behaviors. Addiction. 2011 Jun; 106(6):1146-54.
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6. Sen S, Kranzler HR, Krystal JH, Speller H, Chan G, Gelernter J, Guille C. A prospective cohort study investigating factors associated with depression during medical internship. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2010 Jun; 67(6):557-65.
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7. Oncken C, Campbell W, Chan G, Hatsukami D, Kranzler HR. Effects of nicotine patch or nasal spray on nicotine and cotinine concentrations in pregnant smokers. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. 2009 Sep; 22(9):751-8.
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8. Douglas KR, Chan G, Gelernter J, Arias AJ, Anton RF, Weiss RD, Brady K, Poling J, Farrer L, Kranzler HR. Adverse childhood events as risk factors for substance dependence: partial mediation by mood and anxiety disorders. Addict Behav. 2010 Jan; 35(1):7-13.
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9. Niciu MJ, Chan G, Gelernter J, Arias AJ, Douglas K, Weiss R, Anton RF, Farrer L, Cubells JF, Kranzler HR. Subtypes of major depression in substance dependence. Addiction. 2009 Oct; 104(10):1700-9.
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10. Kranzler HR, Tennen H, Armeli S, Chan G, Covault J, Arias A, Oncken C. Targeted naltrexone for problem drinkers. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2009 Aug; 29(4):350-7.
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11. Kramer JR, Chan G, Kuperman S, Bucholz KK, Edenberg HJ, Schuckit MA, Polgreen LA, Kapp ES, Hesselbrock VM, Nurnberger JI, Bierut LJ. A comparison of diagnoses obtained from in-person and telephone interviews, using the semi-structured assessment for the genetics of alcoholism (SSAGA). J Stud Alcohol Drugs. 2009 Jul; 70(4):623-7.
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12. Arias AJ, Gelernter J, Chan G, Weiss RD, Brady KT, Farrer L, Kranzler HR. Correlates of co-occurring ADHD in drug-dependent subjects: prevalence and features of substance dependence and psychiatric disorders. Addict Behav. 2008 Sep; 33(9):1199-207.
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13. Kranzler HR, Covault J, Pierucci-Lagha A, Chan G, Douglas K, Arias AJ, Oncken C. Effects of aripiprazole on subjective and physiological responses to alcohol. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2008 Apr; 32(4):573-9.
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14. Pierucci-Lagha A, Gelernter J, Chan G, Arias A, Cubells JF, Farrer L, Kranzler HR. Reliability of DSM-IV diagnostic criteria using the semi-structured assessment for drug dependence and alcoholism (SSADDA). Drug Alcohol Depend. 2007 Nov 2; 91(1):85-90.
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15. Gogineni A, King S, Jackson K, Kramer J, Bucholz K, Chan G, Iacono W, Kuperman S, Larkins JM, Longabaugh R, McGue M, Polgreen L, Sher KJ, Stout R, Strong D, Woolard R. Female offspring of alcoholic individuals: recent findings on alcoholism and psychopathology risks: symposium presented at the Research Society on Alcoholism, 2004, Vancouver Aruna Gogineni, Chair. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2006 Feb; 30(2):377-87.
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16. Kuperman S, Chan G, Kramer JR, Bierut L, Bucholz KK, Fox L, Hesselbrock V, Numberger JI, Reich T, Reich W, Schuckit MA. Relationship of age of first drink to child behavioral problems and family psychopathology. Alcohol Clin Exp Res. 2005 Oct; 29(10):1869-76.
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